Windows 11 Preview Is Now Available to Download

Although I suspect some of you might have already tried the version of Windows 11 leaked before its announcement but an official preview build of the next-generation OS is now available to download. You have to be a Windows Insider to be able to get access to it. If you’re a Windows Insider then you can download Windows 11 Build 22000.51 right now.

The preview build gives a good go-through of some of the new features coming in Windows 11. The build includes the new Start menu that is reminiscent of an App Drawer. It also features the new multitasking features and the improved Microsoft store. If you’ve tried the leaked version then you may have already seen these features but the preview build also includes an updated File Explorer.

I personally like the new look. It looks more clean and minimalistic but the mac look is kind of a turn-off (no offense). The File Explorer replaces the old ribbon with a command bar to simplify file management a little bit. The whole preview build will feature rounded corners throughout with improvements to Windows notifications, volume widgets, and much more. The new Windows also features a cool parallax motion effect if your PC has an accelerometer though that might be unlikely.

The preview build also includes Microsoft’s newly announced Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. These are designed to improve the OS’s multitasking capabilities across different screen sizes. It’s mostly old features that have been build upon and become easier to access. Snap Groups help a lot in multiple monitor setups.

Two major features announced by Microsoft namely the Android apps on Windows and Microsoft Teams integration are sadly missing from the preview build. Microsoft said that they are still being developed and will be available in later preview builds. Microsoft also released a new preview of their Office refresh for Windows 11. The OS has new and improved themes and light or dark mode improvements.

Some of the new themes are called Captured Motion, Sunrise, Flow, and Glow. While trying out the new preview sounds exciting, it is not something we actually recommend. These builds aren’t fully supported so installing them on your main computer could hinder you. The build has issues as well as it should have since it is a preview build.

So have fun with the new Windows while I try to figure out why my PC isn’t supported according to Microsoft’s PC Health Check app even though my PC has a TPM 2.0 Chip.

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