Willie bus Concept Incorporates Huge LCDs Being Used On Exterior Sides Of Buses

Willie bus Concept 5

Willie bus Concept 4Advertising is a must if you want to succeed in today’s market. But it is not about just advertising your product; it is about how you’re advertising it. So, how many of you have heard about the vehicle advertising? Folks that have been to Las Vegas sure have seen such advertising in action. Tad Orlowski, a designer, has come up with a great idea for improving this vehicle advertising by adding large LCDs on the sides of bus. These screens will be able to display different kinds of information that will include paid advertisement, TV coverage and information regarding bus.

Willie bus Concept 2We have seen similar concept being used by Toyota on the concept cars; Fun-Vii and FV2. Daimler also decided to focus on this concept recently. While the concepts being employed for these cars are quite interesting, this particular technology has far more potential if directed towards vehicles such as buses. The reason being obvious; the big size allows for more flexibility at designer’s end, this results in boosting the visibility of the advertisement.

Willie bus Concept 3Orlowski’s Willie design focuses on the large space which is available as a ‘canvas’. The transparent LCDs will take over instead of the regular body panels and will be mounted onto the organic skeletal structure that lies underneath. Passengers will still be able to take in the view of outside thanks to the transparency of the screens.  Our designer says he is hoping that bus schedule, route information, movie trailers, weather updates and advertisement will be displayed on the screen and these displays will be updated periodically to provide different set of information as required.

Willie bus Concept Willie bus Concept 7 Willie bus Concept 6While most of the videos will show you Willie being a large display, there are sketches which mean that the bus will be able to convey more than one set of information at any given time. Although not many companies are backing up the idea of Willie, it might become the future of the advertisement. Hoping for that day to come soon enough!

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