Why Throw Away Old Bottle Corks When You Can Make This Impressive Jewellery With Them

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I always thought bottle corks have no other reason than making the popping sound when you open a bottle. After that, they just end up in the trash can. Sure, you can start cork collections from some of the vintageĀ ones you had, but I don’t think many people at your home will share the enthusiasm with you.

How wrong I was! People are so talented that they can create cute things from almost everything imaginable. This project is aimed to convert corks into pendants and jewellery for everyday use. Sure you won’t be able to wear them to a party, but their cute appearanceĀ is good enough for odd use. Instead of going straight into the dustbin, corks will become your pendants.

Here is how you make pendants out of them. Start with a half-filled saucepan and put the corks in a strainer.

cork pendants8

Cover the strainer and pan with a lid. Make sure the water doesn’t come in contact with the strainer or cork.

cork pendants7

Let it boil for ten minutes.

Now your corks are much easier to cut. You cut rough slices out from the cork and prep them for smoothing. Use regular sandpapers for this purpose.

cork pendants6

Cover your cork with patterns and color them with ink or paint. Allow them to dry once they have achieved the color.

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Take a look at these cool patterns. They will give you some cool ideas on how to do it.

cork pendants4

Take a five-millimeter eye screw and twist into the top of the cork. Avoid hammering it as the shape of the pendant would be affected.

cork pendants3

You can attach it to a thread necklace and even use them as earrings if you dare.

cork pendants2

You can hang them on the wall as well.

cork pendants

You can make dozens of different ones in a single sitting. Now you can have something to do with all the useless corks.




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