Samsung Is Launching The Galaxy Note 9 Ahead Of Schedule. Here’s Why

There have been rumors that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Note 9 ahead of schedule and that the device will be launched sooner than it was expected. These rumors have gotten even stronger after the report from the South Korean news outlet Korea Herald, which said that Samsung Display unit has begun manufacturing a 6.4-inch display for the Galaxy Note 9 and that the phone will be released prior to what was previously thought.

Korea Herald also shed light on why the tech giants were pushing their launch up. Samsung has been very successful in the sale of their flagship Galaxy S9 and Note 8 but Apple still managed to sell more of its iPhone X in the first quarter than both the Samsung devices.

(Source: Forbes)

The report continues to say that the production of the 6.38-inch OLED displays for the Galaxy Note 9 started back in April. This is 2 months earlier to when production started for Galaxy Note 8. This verifies the news that Samsung is on track to release Note 9 a month earlier and it will probably be in the market in August and not September.

Samsung further plans to release the Galaxy S10 in January at CES and not wait for the Mobile World Congress in February like it did with the Galaxy S9. The early launch of Note 9 will give them more breathing room and more time to focus on the second early launch.

(Source: MSPoweruser)

It is all speculation at this point to why Samsung is pushing up the launch but these theories sound pretty likely. We will have to wait and see if they hold true.

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