Why Do Indian Businesses Need To Use PDF In Their Operations?

PDF or Portable Document Format is something that most people are familiar with and they might have heard this at least once in their lifetime. PDF is a document format that is being widely used in different business sectors all over the world. 

The history of PDF dates back to the early 90s when it was first developed as a format to maintain the authenticity of the documents. With other formats, there was this problem of the format changing when moved from one device to another but with PDF, this problem was fixed and the documents were able to retain their authenticity. 

Businesses all over the world are using PDFs for their favors because there are so many benefits of using PDFs. Indian businesses need to realize this, if they want to compete with their international competitors then they need to implement such technologies that would make their operations more faster and efficient & PDF is one of those technologies. 

Today, we will be having a look at some of the reasons why Indian businesses need to implement PDF into their business operations: 

Format Is Maintained

It is important for businesses that the format of their documents stays the same, the way they create it. Most businesses in India use Word documents but the problem with word documents is that the format of the documents is not maintained when changing devices and the documents lose all of their authenticity. 

Also, most documents related to businesses involved graphics and other elements such as statistical graphics, images, animations, etc, and when these documents are moved around then the document format is not maintained.

However, with PDF that is not the case, and the format of the document is preserved wherever you move the documents. This can help businesses with the management of their documents and they can easily move documents around without having to worry about the format.

Universal Format

Another benefit of using PDF in business operations is that it is a universal format. It is accepted worldwide and you can open it on any device and any operating system. Whether you are sharing the PDF file with co-workers or with your clients, it doesn’t matter because they all would be able to access the PDF file.

This universality of PDF documents can benefit our Indian businesses and help them to create documents and send them to clients & customers without having to worry about document incompatibility.


Another thing about PDFs that can help our Indian businesses is that this document format is interconvertible. Interconvertible means that it can be converted into other formats such as PDF to Word, Excel, JPG, etc in no time using different free tools online such as Lua PDF Converter. 

Along with this, the conversion back into PDF is also possible. For instance, if you have converted a PDF into a word document and you want to convert it back into PDF then you can use the Word to PDF Converter and do the reverse conversion in just a few seconds. Handling PDFs is as easy as it gets and this ease of usage can improve the operations of businesses.


Every company/business whether small or large has confidential and private documents that if fallen into the wrong hands can cause huge problems. Securing those documents is a major concern. Storing such documents even in physical form in a secure room cannot guarantee that documents will be completely safe. 

The advantage of PDF files is that they can be encrypted and secured to prevent anyone from accessing these documents. Along with this, PDF files can be changed to a read-only format that prevents anyone from changing the contents except the original author. Therefore, this security feature can come in very handy to our businesspeople. 

Support For Non-text Elements

Presentations are important for businesses and another benefit of PDFs is that they are also compatible with non-text elements. To make a presentation more visually appealing, images, footnotes, animations, and other elements are added and with PDF you can easily add these without any problem. 

Any text, image, or other elements that are inserted into the PDF stay the same and are not changed or corrupted when the file is moved from one PC to another. This can come in very handy, especially for presentations.

PDF isn’t a new file format but still, it is the most widely used document format in the world that is accepted globally. It is time that our businesses start to use PDF instead of other document formats because the advantages of PDF outweigh its disadvantages and implementing PDF in this age of technology can be one of the best decisions a business owner can make.

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