Why Consulting A Personal Injury Attorney After Getting Injured In An Accident Is Necessary

Hiring a personal injury attorney after an accident isn’t a legal requirement. However, having one by your side when filing a compensation claim against the driver at fault and the responsible insurance company is prudent. Accident lawyers are familiar with personal injury laws and will advocate for justice.

If you recently sustained injuries, have pending medical bills, suffered a loss of income, or are facing extensive property damage, Nicolet Law accident & injury lawyers, can help. Below are a few reasons to consult personal injury lawyers after an accident.

1. They understand the legal process

Personal injury claims are not different from other court cases. Unless you are versed in these procedures, following up on the legal process can prove challenging, especially if you are still recovering from the injuries sustained. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you navigate this complicated process.

Ideally, a personal injury case should follow the following process:

  • Screening – the first step, which primarily involves finding the right personal injury lawyer. You should consult and discuss the nature of the case with your attorney. You should also authorize the lawyer to collect medical records and other documents to be presented as evidence.
  • Settlement negotiations – before filing the lawsuit, your lawyer first contacts the party at fault and their insurer to determine if they can make a reasonable settlement offer. Your lawyer sends a demand letter to the insurance company with a value. If the insurer denies the claim, the case proceeds to court.
  • The complaint is filed and served – your attorney initiates the litigation process by filing the necessary paperwork. The complaint highlights the specifics of the case, which include court jurisdiction, parties involved, your complaints, and demand for justice. The defendant is then served the complaint.

The case may proceed in either direction after the complaint has been served. The defendant may accept the complaint, request an out-of-court settlement, or file a defense. If the case proceeds to trial, your attorney should defend the case with evidence, which includes medical records, accident scene photos, and statements from expert witnesses.

Following up on these processes while recovering from injuries can take a toll on your recovery progress and affect the outcome of the case, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

2. Attorneys maximize the value of your claim

Determining the value of your claim is complex. However, a personal injury attorney will thoroughly evaluate your claim and consider all involved aspects to determine the best settlement possible. Attorneys maximize the value of your claims by:

  • Validating the threat of trial – accident victims don’t have a guaranteed right of payment. The best they can do is sue the party at fault. Insurance adjusters won’t take your case seriously if you handle the claim without an attorney. Hiring a lawyer validates the threat of your claim, giving you an upper hand during negotiations.
  • Limits insurance communications – insurance adjusters can’t communicate with you directly by phone, email, or text after you’ve hired a lawyer. A lawyer halts adjuster communications and their efforts to gather the information that can undermine your case. Lawyers deny insurance adjusters access to your private information and past medical records that adjusters can leverage.
  • Identify hidden defendants – most accidents have multiple causative factors. If another party contributed to the accident, your lawyer could locate them and file a complaint to contribute towards compensation for injuries and damages.
  • Fight claims against your settlement – health insurance companies and other parties can deduct some amount from your accident settlement. Worker’s compensation, VA liens, and other parties can also claim a share of your settlement offer. An attorney minimizes these claims, ensuring you receive the highest possible settlement.

3. They offer objectivity

Besides injuries, accidents cause you and your family significant agony, disturbance, and confusion. Unfortunately, not everyone can function optimally under stress. Therefore, besides ability and experience, a personal injury lawyer helps make rational decisions about the case.

The Bottom Line

Accident victims have a right to seek compensation for injuries and property damage caused by another person’s negligence. Financial compensation helps victims cover medical costs and other financial losses caused by injuries. However, handling personal injury claims is complicated, making it prudent to work with car accident lawyers.

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