AR Group Becomes ‘Slingshot’ And Celebrates Mindstores

alfamind shop

In one of the most revolutionary startup ideas for women in Indonesia, a new type of mom-and-pop shop has emerged that will be contained within a phone or tablet. The startup is called Slingshot, and it lets anyone launch a three-dimensional virtual storefront in collaboration with country’s biggest retailer, Alfamart.

The “shopowners” can stock their virtual store’s shelves with any items from Alfamart’s inventory, ranging from household, clothing, and groceries through micro-franchise agreements with Alfamart. Then, the sales are made in-person, and the micro-franchises are shipped upon purchase from the shopping chain’s warehouses.

Slingshot says that they aim to bring a social touch to the online shopping experience while providing a convenient and comfortable option to the people who still prefer real-world stores compared to the internet.


The company says that over 7,000 people had signed up since its launch eight months ago, and over 60 percent of them remained active users.

Interestingly, 97% of the total active users are women, and Daniel Surya, the CEO of Slingshot, thinks that this percentage is because their idea gives liberty to the Indonesian women to start their businesses in a culture where such practices are frowned upon.


The company plans to allow their users to mix in their goods alongside the Alfamart inventory, and look to mold their service into more like the ones at the peer-to-peer e-commerce solutions

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