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Who Is The ‘Ghost Of Kyiv’? And Has He Actually Shot Down 6 Russian Jets?

The Ghost of Kyiv is an unidentified fighter pilot who is reported to be engaged in protecting Ukraine against Russian invasion, a hot topic that is prevailing and trending nowadays. Although popularized and frequently debated on social media, it appears that the Ghost is simply an urban legend, a mash-up of several events and persons, with the myth propagating as an esteem boost for Ukrainian people. If the Ghost is genuine, he or she would be the first ‘ace pilot’ of the twenty-first century. There is no proof that the “Ghost of Kyiv” exists in the first place, and Ukrainian officials have refused to acknowledge their presence. The commanding general of Ukraine’s military forces claimed in a Facebook statement on Wednesday that at least six Russian planes and two helicopters were crashed during the first day of combat.

There is scant proof that the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ exists, and researchers are unconvinced that six hits can occur in a single day. Furthermore, aviation experts have warned that the Ghost of Kyiv’s alleged achievements were untested and that a single pilot trying to shoot down six Russian planes in a single day in the contemporary age was unusual. The Ghost of Kyiv has not been objectively authenticated by any official Ukrainian government or news media. Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko tweeted a photo of a military pilot, saying it was the Ghost of Kyiv, who he said was real.

The Ghost of Kyiv has been attributed to instilling hope among Ukrainians in the wake of a Russian invasion. The urban legend was most likely not created on purpose, with stories disseminated by ordinary Ukrainians on social media before official Ukrainian media sources referred to the pilot in a continuous updating.  So yet, no confirmation of the existence of the “Ghost of Kyiv” has been discovered. Meanwhile, the images and videos have kept Ukrainians’ hopes alive in the face of Russia’s ongoing military operations in Ukraine.

While the accusations appear unproven, a video of the Ghost obtaining a kill over Kyiv has appeared on the internet: it has now been revealed to be untrue, as it was shot in the game Digital Combat Simulator. According to Evon, the video was initially shared by YouTube user Comrade Corb, who explicitly indicates that the tape is not real.

Figure 2:Ghost of Kyiv

The YouTube caption for Comrade Corb reads: “This footage is from DCS, however, it was created in honor of ‘The Ghost of Kyiv.’ If he is genuine, God bless him; if he is a forgery, I beg for more like ‘him.'”

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