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Here Is The Secret To Stealth Planes’ Undetectable Flights

Stealth planes are the pinnacle of weapons technology that make all the radar systems obsolete. From the Iraqi invasion of 2003 to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in a covert operation, stealth technology has been used by the US military for a devastating effect. Although many modern jets like F-22, F-35, retired F-117 and others have a considerable level of stealthiness, none of them are able to dodge the radar better than the B-2 bomber itself.

The most classified plane to be ever produced, B-2 bomber has a unique construction that makes the 172-feet long plane appear like a giant bird even in the most sophisticated radars themselves. Here is the amazing technology behind the working of this ultimate weapon:

Even though Americans were the first to boast such an aircraft, the Nazis had actually made a similar prototype way back in 1944 and if the war had dragged on, the Germans would have used it with devastating effect since the British radar systems were working so well. In the battle of Britain alone, German lost two thousand planes in the air while British only lost half of that number. Without radar, this number would have been a lot less.

But, as radars will go obsolete in the coming years with satellite tracking gaining more and more important, stealth technology will also be rendered useless eventually and the US military will have to look for new technology to empty the public’s purses. We all know that eventually, they will have to be made completely invisible to both eye and radar in order to work.