WhatsApp Has Brand New Features That Has Already Gone Live


WhatsApp, the world’s most popular chat platform is getting a list of new features for group chats. The first of which is a brief description of the group to clarify the purpose and guidelines for the group chat. It will be available at the top for anyone who joins the group.

The second change gives more authority and options to the admins of the group where they get to choose whether or not to restrict changes to the icon, subject, and description. The admins can choose the members that are allowed to make those changes. The administrators can also revoke admin permissions and prevent the group’s creator from being removed from the group.

(Source: techjuice)

There is a new catch-up option as well for members that have been away from the group for some while. Tapping the @ button in the bottom right of the chat will highlight any replies or tags to your messages. These updates have been under testing phase for quite some time now and are finally going live.

A search bar has also been added in which members can now search for other group participants. The announcement blog post reads, “Groups have been an important part of the WhatsApp experience, whether it’s family members connecting across the globe or childhood friends staying in touch over the years, there are also people coming together in groups on WhatsApp like new parents looking for support, students organizing study sessions, and even city leaders coordinating relief efforts after natural disasters.”

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These updates rolled out on May 15th for both iPhone and Android users. There is also talk that group video calling feature is also coming to WhatsApp.


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