What You Need To Use To Improve Your Dentistry Business; Weave

I’m sure you’re here because you’re either A, wanting to start and run your own dental care institution, or B, looking for ways to be more efficient with how you’re running things. Fret not; with what technology we have today, there are apps that can help you with all of the analytics that you would typically worry about.

This tool that we’re about to discuss can help you with handling the key performance indicators that show you that your business is alive and thriving. Indicators like the patients coming in and out – and which are active and always scheduled. Which patients need a specific type of treatment, appointment cancellations, and appointment rescheduled. 

When we’re going to talk about dental practices here in this article, we’re not talking about what a dentist actually does and what their job entails. We’re talking about running your dentistry business and how you can use the weave app to help you improve your client tracking. You don’t have to make any guesses when it comes to your business.

What Is Weave?

Weave is a tool that takes all of your dental practice analytics and bunches them all together so you can see all of the data of your patients like the previous key performance indicators that we mentioned before! It makes all the data reading for you much simpler by putting the data into visual-aids like pie charts and bar charts. 

Weave is an incredibly handy tool to have for your analytics because it lets you keep track of all the patients you have and if they are sorted into their sub-group depending on the appointment that they have scheduled for. It’s too much to explain, so we’ll try to break it down with simpler terms so that it’s easily understood by everyone.

What Can Weave Do?

Here’s a reason why you should definitely start using Weave – the things that it can do to help you is just incredible. The visual aids you get when your data is put into all of those graphs are extremely helpful. You don’t have to second guess any of the data since it’s all calculated for you; check out what they show you in their dental practice analytics page.

Sorting Your Patients

Weave considers all of the active patients who have visited your institution or have partaken in some form of treatment. Weave then categorizes them into their different categories depending on if they have scheduled for an appointment or not. For dental appointments, it’s mostly either a hygiene treatment or a restorative treatment.

There’s even a visual aid as to how many of your patients have canceled out on their appointment and still didn’t reschedule – or have already rescheduled their appointment. On these visual aids that Weave provides you, you’re going to get your averages so you can work out a “happy middle” that you can work towards.

Instant Contact

You can see all of the unscheduled patients in the dashboard for your practice analysis – in the form of a list. You can then contact them via call, email, or even a text message straight from the app itself so you can schedule an appointment with that patient right away at their earliest convenience. 

Constant Updates

The weave app continually updates the data within your dashboard because it refreshes 15 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about any of your analytics not being up-to-date. With a business that can change every minute, I’m sure you don’t want to be left behind with analytics, right? 

Checking On Your Scheduled Patients

From that sorting that we spoke about earlier, you can already see which of your patients have already scheduled an appointment but have not received their treatment. This is easily solved by that instant contacting feature you have with Weave to get in touch with the patient and get them into their scheduled appointment.

Showing Your Trends

The same with the sorting feature of your patients, you can see how many of your patients have scheduled an appointment, depending on the time frame you want to check. For example, you can see all of the data that has come in through Weave throughout a month, a week, or maybe even a day. You can even set the time frame for how long you want. 

Weave Isn’t Just For Dental Practice Analytics

Weave is a very powerful tool that isn’t only for dental practices. If you check out the Weave website, you can see all of the other industries they cover. It can be from accounting, medical spas, salons, and even veterinarians. The range of Weave is impressive, considering how this tool is still straightforward and easy-to-use.


To put more simply, if you want to stay on top of your dental practice analytics, then Weave is the right way to go. You can get all of your data in one place within your dashboard – from the revenue that you can get with one treatment to the number of active patients you have.

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