What Would Happen If We Covered The Whole Sahara Desert In Solar Panels?

It is no news that the world is steering towards an appalling energy crisis. This is because all the sources of energy we rely upon are exhaustible and non-renewable. More industrialization and increase in population have augmented the burden on these already depleting resources. People are striving to find alternative sources of energy that are not exhaustible. The main sources of this kind of energy are wind and solar energy.

Solar Panels in Atacama Desert, Chile

Everywhere, people are shifting towards either solar or wind energy. People who are residents of arid regions where there is loads of sunlight and exposure to sun rays, prefer shifting to solar energy for powering their operations. They install solar plates that trap the energy from the sun and transfer it into batteries. These batteries are electrical and then are used to power the operations of a household or the industry.

When talking about installing solar panels, the ideal place to install these panels is, deserts and being specific, the Sahara Desert, the world’s largest desert seems the best fit for this purpose. It is always argued that the best places for these panels are deserts and incorporating these solar panels in large amounts in the deserts has the potential of generating loads of electricity that can help power the operations of households or other systems. YouTube channel RealLifeLore has made a video explaining the difficulties that could be posed in the way of such an installation.

This massive installation project is not as easy and convenient as it seems. There are numerous complications that can arise when installing such projects in large open places and lands like Sahara. Moreover, there will be a risk of overheating or overexposure to the sun for these plates. In areas like these, sandstorms and sometimes rainstorms in the season are of a giant scale and destructive. The plates would be installed at a very high cost and the storms can damage the infrastructure. Nevertheless, it is still an option that could one day be considered.

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