What Is Nothing? This New Documentary Tries To Answer The Ultimate Question


Sunya, Sifar, Zero. All of these figures, numbers, and symbols denote nothing. But if, in all honestly, they are nothing, then why do they need representation? And if at all they need representation, then they are not anything in true letter and spirit. Mind-boggling right? You are not the first to dwell into this realm finding answers to the phenomena of nothingness.

What is nothing? Researchers, philosophers, and scientists have tried to find answers to this question for centuries now, but to no avail. No one has been able to find the exact definition of nothing because there is something even in the emptiest places. Thoughts dwell in a seemingly empty mind; particles exist in empty spaces, and emotions are nurtured in a so-called empty heart. Is it right or wrong? Right, I suppose, and scientific advancement and research second the opinion.

Now let us, for a moment, think about what is nothingness. What comes to your mind? An empty room? A pitch-black space? A tiny dot or vast spaces of nothingness? The answer lies within the query. Every form of nothingness that you can think of has something in it. An empty room is not anything; it is something, pitch-black space is something, a tiny dot is something, and vast spaces of nothingness are something. So, it is not difficult to conclude that there is no such thing as nothing. Maybe one day there would be nothing, but for that, we will have to wait because that someday is not today.

The following video discusses in a very interactive manner this tricky question.

What is nothingness? What is nothing, and why was it required? Why did ancient scholars give nothing a symbol, a number, and why was nothingness so crucial for all the advancements we have made ever since. Well, I guess it is okay to be creative and tackle questions that have teemed the human minds forever.


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