What Is Mortar?

What is Mortar

IntroductionWhat is Mortar 10

Mortar can be defined as a paste that is workable and used to bind building blocks that include concrete, bricks and stone masonry, also working to fill and seal off any irregular gaps between them while imparting decorative patterns in masonry walls. Mortar is around for thousands and thousands of years and comes from Latin word ‘moratrium’.

How Does Mortar Work?What is Mortar 4

Mortar is made up of sand, water and a binder. It is supposed to be weaker than the building blocks and added as an expendable material that works to fill out gaps and hold the blocks together. It works as a paste initially so as to hold blocks together and subsequently hardens and sets.

Types of MortarWhat is Mortar 13 What is Mortar 12 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What is Mortar 9 What is Mortar 5

  • Portland cement mortar
  • Polymer cement mortar
  • Lime mortar
  • Pozzolana mortar
  • Firestop mortar

Applications of MortarWhat is Mortar 3 What is Mortar 19

  • Brick Masonry
  • Stone Masonry
  • Marble Flooring
  • Tiles
  • Plaster

Precautionary Measures What is Mortar 14 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What is Mortar 17 Construction of brick masonry building

  • Mortar should be prepared at a cool place.
  • Use gloves when handling/working with mortar.
  • Make sure that you use the mortar as soon as water has been mixed.
  • Cure the structure sufficiently.

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