What Is An Inductor?



An inductor is essentially a passive two terminal component and is capable of resisting changes in electric current that passes through it and eventually develops a magnetic field (stores energy) that can be used later. The inductor was invented back in 1807. The inductor has units of henry (ratio of voltage to the rate of change of current).What is an Inductor What is an Inductor 2

How Does An Inductor Work?

What is an Inductor 3An inductor consists of loop(s) of a wire or coil. The inductance is directly proportional to the number of turns and when current passes through the loops, a magnetic field is generated. This magnetic field upon removal of current source is capable of generating current. What is an Inductor 5

Types Of Inductors

1. Air core inductor

o   Radio frequency inductor

2. Ferromagnetic core inductor

o   Laminated core inductor

o   Ferrite-core inductor

o   Toroidal core inductor

o   Choke

3. Variable inductorWhat is an Inductor 6 What is an Inductor 7 What is an Inductor 8 What is an Inductor 9


Applications Of Inductors

·      Filters

·      Sensors

·      Transformers

·      Motors

·      Energy Storage What is an Inductor 11 What is an Inductor 12 What is an Inductor 13 What is an Inductor 10

Precautionary Measures

  • Excessive shock should not be transferred to inductors especially while they are being mounted.
  • Inductors should not be kept with magnetic items or magnets for that matter.
  • Some inductors have polarity mentioned and this should be kept in mind when installing them.
  • Keep inductors away from direct heat sources such as heaters and stove.


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