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What Is Agricultural Engineering?

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Agricultural engineering deals with application of engineering, science and technology to the production and processing of agriculture produce. Agricultural engineering combines different disciplines; animal biology, mechanical, civil, electrical, plant biology and chemical engineering.

Agricultural Engineering Sub Disciplines

Agricultural engineering has been divided into a number of sub-disciplines which are as follows:

Top Agricultural Engineering Universities

The top three ranked universities when it comes to Agricultural Engineering are as follows;

Agricultural Engineering Associations

There are many associations pertaining to Agricultural engineering and here are the top 3:

Being an Agricultural Engineer

Being an agricultural engineer requires you to come up with ways to conserve soil and water while working for the improvement of processes related to agricultural products. As an agricultural engineer, you will also be required to build comfortable housing for animals and will be required to collaborate with contractors and clients.

Agricultural Engineer Salary

An Agricultural Engineer’s average annual salary in USA is $75,000.

Top Agricultural Engineering Companies

The top three companies pertaining to Agricultural Engineering are;

Top Agricultural Engineering Innovations

Check out the three top inventions (as per us) that are a result of Agricultural Engineering.