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These Are The Best Ways To Extract A Stuck Bolt

how to extract a stuck bolt

Bolts are tightened up well to secure the nuts in place. However, sometimes these bolts get stuck, and it becomes challenging to extract them when needed. If you get yourself into a similar situation, here are some methods you can try to unwind and remove a bolt.

Using Ratchet

The amount of torque you will be getting out of a tool depends on the length of the lever on which you are applying force. You can get a telescoping ratchet which can extend to different lengths depending on your requirement.

Using Hacksaw

Once you have torn up the head of a bolt which is present above the installation surface, then you can cut a new slot using a hacksaw. Once the slot is reduced, and in place, you can use a slot-drive bit to unscrew it.

Heat It Up

The head and shank of the bolt are heated which it makes expand and contract at varying rates. This helps to loosen up the bolt.

Using Impact Driver

An impact driver is similar to a drill-driver however it twists and hammers at the same time. The hammering can also loosen up any paint or corrosion on the surface. It is still best to use this method after heating the bolts.

Screw Extractor

The screw extractor is like a driller, but it works in the opposite direction to pull out the head of the screw. One end is the driller and on the other end is a tapered thread cutter. As tape widens, the thread also bites into the drilled divot on the head of the fastener and pulls the screw out.

Check out this video for more ways to remove a stuck bolt:

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