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What Would Happen To Your Body If You Drink Mercury? This Video Explains

Pic Credits: YouTube

If you are searching this after drinking or direct contact with mercury, STOP EVERYTHING AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION NOW!

Now, if you want to preemptively know the consequences, this ain’t gonna be a happy read! As we all know, liquid mercury is extremely poisonous, and an intake in large enough dose could lead to death.

Here’s an extract from World Health Organization’s page,

As shown in the video below, the first signs of intake of mercury are nausea and vomiting. Then you feel severe pain in your stomach, worse than even the worst kind of food poisoning. Soon enough, you’ll start to feel dizzy and weak while having a metallic taste in your mouth. As soon as mercury is in your digestive system, it starts eating away at your organ, which as you would imagine, isn’t an ideal situation.  

Inhaling mercury is also very dangerous, as it can gnaw away at your lungs very quickly. So in case you have dropped a thermometer, don’t try to vacuum it or clean it with bare hands. And always keep a wet cloth on your mouth as you call 911 for further assistance.

Watch the video below to learn more about mercury poising and how to react in such an accident.

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