What is A Pile?

What is a pile20


Piles are structural elements that are used in deep foundations. Basically they can be defined as an element that is long and column like but instead of rising up from ground surface, it rises from great depth underground. The key idea of using piles or deep foundation is to transfer the load to a stronger layer of soil below or to allow the friction to cater for the necessary reaction force that is required in response to the load being applied. Such measures are undertaken when the existing soil layers are weak and can’t hold that much of weight.What is a pile4

How Does a Pile Work?What is a pile2

Piles work by two principles or a combination of both; either they work by providing the necessary reaction force by bearing the load on their end tip that rests on a hard layer or they make use of friction to generate shear stress along the sides of the piles. Usually both these methodologies are used together to resist the action of loads.What is a pile

Types of PilesWhat is a pile3 What is a pile5 What is a pile6 What is a pile7 What is a pile8 What is a pile9 What is a pile10 What is a pile11 What is a pile12

  • Under reamed piles
  • Driven
  • Augercast pile
  • Pier and grade beam foundation
  • Drilled Pile
  • Micropiles
  • Tripod piles
  • Sheet piles
  • Soldier piles
  • Suction Piles
  • Adfreeze Piles
  • Vibrated stone columns

Applications of PilesWhat is a pile13 What is a pile14 What is a pile15 What is a pile16

  • Slope Stability
  • Deep Foundations for Buildings
  • Foundations for Skyscrapers
  • Foundation for Bridges

Precautionary MeasuresWhat is a pile17 What is a pile18 What is a pile19

  • Make sure that pile is driven straight.
  • Pile foundations should be monitored for settlement.
  • Make sure the Pile uses good quality steel.
  • The building should not be loaded with load greater than design load.

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