What is A Beam?

What is a beam


A beam is defined as an element that is structural in nature and one that can resist load primarily by bending. Historically speaking, beams were the squared timbers, however, over the time we have witnessed beams made of a number of materials.What is a beam 11

How Does A Beam Work?What is a beam 22

As mentioned already, beams tackle loads by allowing themselves to bend. The bending force that is generated on a beam is due to the external loads that are being applied on the beam, beam’s own weight, span and the external reactions to the loads known as bending moment. Beams work by transferring loads to their supports and subsequently to columns, walls or girders.

Types of Beam What is a beam 21 What is a beam 20 What is a beam 19 What is a beam 18 What is a beam 15 What is a beam 14 What is a beam 12

  • Simply supported
  • Fixed
  • Over hanging
  • Double overhanging.
  • Continuous
  • Cantilever
  • Trussed

Applications of BeamWhat is a beam 10 What is a beam 5 What is a beam 6 What is a beam 7 What is a beam 8 What is a beam 9

  • Roofs
  • Frame Structures
  • Tie Beam
  • Bridges

Precautionary Measures What is a beam 4 What is a beam 3

  • Make sure that the beam doesn’t crack.
  • If cracks do appear they should be attended to.
  • If the beam is bent permanently then it is about to fail.
  • Never load a beam with more weight than what is has been designed for.


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