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This Map Shows What Google Auto-Completes About Your Country

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Credits: The Sports Poster Warehouse

There is a growing trend of learning ‘what the world thinks’ through autocomplete. The process is simple, You start typing a word and or a phrase in Google search engine, and before you are done, it will suggest some possible completion options. The autocomplete is based on what people have already looked up related to the word you have typed. The drop-down-autocomplete shows some suggestions based on most googled phrases about that, say you type “Is Stewie Griffin … ” the following is the result. This shows that people are most interested in finding out if Stewie Griffin is Bi or Gay.

Credits: Google

Since autocomplete is a way to find out what people have googled about the topic, people have come to use it as a means to find trends around the world. Here are the most popular autocomplete suggestions for each country when asked about each country that “Why is” (Countries Name) “So” … ?

We start with Asia and the Middle-East, the map is attributed to Reddit user system637 in Hong Kong.

Credits: Business Insider

Next, we move to Europe, created by Randal Olson from Michigan State University.

Credits: Business Insider

A little more to the left, we have got America and Canada, attributed to Cameron Combs.

Credits: Matador Network
Matador Network

You didn’t think we would leave Oceania out of this, did you? The following map of east Asia and Oceania is provided by Tim Denee.

Credits: Twitter

Is this a true representation of your country? Let us know in the comments section.

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