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These Are The 10 Highest Paying Engineering Fields Of 2016

We all know that engineering is one of the best and highly paid professions out there. Today we will discuss a Top 10 of the engineering fields that you should pursue if you want to lead a comfortable and luxurious life!

10. Architectural engineering – Estimated pay: $50,000 to $90,400
This field of engineering teaches you how to ensure that a building stands even a few decades down the road and doesn’t collapse. The plumbing, heating, lighting and air conditioning design is all the responsibility of an architectural engineer. For success in this field, you need to be well-versed in CAD software and communication skills to work with teams and labor at the construction sites.



9. Biomedical engineering – Estimated pay: $50,600 to $92,200
This field of engineering focuses on using technology and engineering techniques to solve medical and biological problems. Biomedical engineers are readily employed by medical supply companies, engineering firms or hospitals.

Credits: Veterans Today Jobs


8. Civil engineering – Estimated pay: $51,100 to $93,400
Civil engineers are one of the most sought-after graduates nowadays. Civil engineers have not only learned how to build different types of infrastructure and buildings but also how to make sure that their designs and structures are all environmentally-friendly, thereby contributing to the environment.



7. Mechanical engineering – Estimated pay: $52,500 to $101,600
Mechanical engineers are required in most of the plants and industries and their work ranges from development of vehicles and manufacturing plants to R&D to machinery and production solutions.

Study on jet engine noises and how to reduce the noise blast volume. Credits: Tobias Ecker, Wing Ng and Todd Lowe.

6. Electrical engineering – Estimated pay: $55,000 to $105,000
Electrical engineering is an exciting and cutting-edge engineering where you must be abreast with the latest advancements in technology. Working with electrical components, Arduinos, solder and many other devices, electrical engineers are among the highest paid graduates in our list.

Credits: schindler


5. Aerospace engineering – Estimated pay: $58,000 to $107,900
Aerospace engineering is one of the most desirable degrees sought by the undergraduates. This field includes manufacturing missiles and designing drones and parts of aircraft. Further specialization means working on either missiles, planes and even satellites.



4. Computer Science – Estimated pay: $58,800 to $112,600
We have just one name for you – Mark Zuckerberg. Computer scientists and IT professionals are very well paid especially in tech firms like Apple, Google and Facebook.



3. Chemical engineering – Estimated pay: $65,000 to $116,000
The graduates from this field usually have their starting salary at 65 K per year. Their job involves designing various products as well as their development and commercial production. Chemical engineers are employed by a number of different industries like energy, oil and gas, plastics, energy, pharmaceuticals and food and drink.

Credits: Wonderful engineering

2. Nuclear engineering – Estimated pay: $67,000 to $118,000
These engineers work with the nukes! Well, sort of. They make use of nuclear energy to develop different methods that become useful in the fields of electricity, medical applications and industrial engineering.

Credits: Wonderful Engineering

1. Petroleum engineering – Estimated pay: $100,000 and higher
Petroleum engineering is currently the highest-paying engineering degree out there. Petroleum engineers use their knowledge of math, geology and chemistry to find as well as recover natural reservoirs of petroleum. If you are an undergraduate, you should probably give this field a try if it captures your interest and career-orientation.


This was our list of top 10 high-paying engineering degrees. Do you belong to any of these groups? Which engineering discipline do you think pays off the most?