What Are The Most Complained-About Tech Products In The World? This Study Reveals The Answers


No matter how advanced the electronics are, there are many that still malfunction, and lead to user complaints.

To keep a record of the most malfunctioning electronics, blog Electronics Hub developed a complaint detection tool to analyze tweets mentioning popular tech products.

Afterward, each gadget was given a score according to how many tweets featured a complaint about the specific tech product. 

The most complained about gaming consoles were the Xbox Series X with a 12.5 percent rating and the Xbox One with a 12.1 percent rating. However, it was also mentioned that most of the complaints were about not being able to find these products since they were out of stock!

The Google Pixel 6 was the most complained about mobile phone with a percentage of 27.2. this was attributed to an inability by users to charge the phone with older or third-party chargers. The rest of the phones on the list were mostly iPhones. This is bad publicity for iPhone users.

HP was the most complained about laptop with a score of 29.1 percent. Complaints included everything from battery power to failure to boot to poor customer service. Things don’t seem to be very optimistic for HP.

Realme Buds scored a percentage of 33.8 with complaints about connectivity, sound, and touch issues.

Study reveals the most complained about tech products around the world

Fitbit Charge 4 saw 31.4 percent of complaints directed at the wearable with the main concern being the gap between the device and the band.

The Apple iPad 6 scored 33.3 percent. Meanwhile, eight of the 10 tablets featured on the most complained list were from the Apple series. More trouble for Apple!

The Philips Hue Bridge scored a massive 42.7 percent rating with complaints about connectivity issues and compatibility with other home devices.


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