Western Digital Has Just Revealed A Gigantic 20TB External Hard Drive

The world just does not have enough space for all the things you want to get. At least your room does not, oh and your hard drive does not either. You won’t have to part with the TV series that you have already watched a dozen times just because your hard drive is stuffed. Western Digital has just announced the MyBook Duo that packs in 20TB of Hard Drive space.

The MyBook Duo packs in a pair of 10TB WD Red Drives and makes it weigh slightly over 5 pounds measuring 7 x 4 x 6.3 inches. You can allocate the drive space or just set it up for JBOD to ram things in or create a RAID-1 to mirror all your files. 256-bit AES hardware encryption will lock your files down for another layer of protection.

The days of cramming your million files in dozens of drives are gone because you can even connect another drive to the two USB 3.0 ports on the back. You can charge your phone or just connect keyboard, mouse, or a webcam to the drive.

Western Digital had recently announced the 12TB Helium Bases Hard Drive, and there are other options beginning at 4TB. The 20TB model is priced at $799.99, and the smaller ones begin at $279.99 on Amazon.

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