Water Seer Uses Wind Power To Pull 11 Gallons Of Clean Drinking Water From Thin Air

Water Seer is an ingenious contraption that uses condensation to collect drinkable, clean water from air. The device can deliver up to 11 gallons of clean water and is not powered by any external energy source.

The innovative design of the Water Seer ensures that your device would virtually last forever. This device is an incredible blessing for the people who live in drought-ridden areas or even in the regions where clean, drinking water is not readily available.


Image Source: Water Seer


Water Seer collects liquid gold by drawing power from a wind turbine which also prevents adverse environmental impacts, for instance, greenhouse gas emissions, associated with the other water filtration or treatment systems.


Image Source: Water Seer


The inexpensive mechanism to accumulate safe, drinkable water from thin air was a collaborative project of the VICI-Labs, UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association.

How Water Seer Works?

The device is embedded up to 6 feet into the earth, with the soil packed around the elongated metal neck of the device. A vertical wind turbine sits atop the Water Seer. The spin of the internal fans sucks air into the subterranean chamber. The earth surrounding the underground chamber cools it to facilitate the water condensation in the chamber.


Image Source: Water Seer


The underground chamber acts as an artificial well for water accumulation through condensation. One Water Seer device can be used for collecting up to 11 gallons of water every day. Thus, an ‘orchard’ of Water Seers could be put in place to generate water for small villages.



Water Seer’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign seeks $77,000 to set up ‘orchards’ of water gathering devices. The prototype of the Water Seer was successfully tested in August 2016. The developers plan to field test their device with National Peace Corps Association.