Water Seer Uses Wind Power To Pull 11 Gallons Of Clean Drinking Water From Thin Air


Water Seer is an ingenious contraption that uses condensation to collect drinkable, clean water from air. The device can deliver up to 11 gallons of clean water and is not powered by any external energy source.

The innovative design of the Water Seer ensures that your device would virtually last forever. This device is an incredible blessing for the people who live in drought-ridden areas or even in the regions where clean, drinking water is not readily available.


Image Source: Water Seer


Water Seer collects liquid gold by drawing power from a wind turbine which also prevents adverse environmental impacts, for instance, greenhouse gas emissions, associated with the other water filtration or treatment systems.


Image Source: Water Seer


The inexpensive mechanism to accumulate safe, drinkable water from thin air was a collaborative project of the VICI-Labs, UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association.

How Water Seer Works?

The device is embedded up to 6 feet into the earth, with the soil packed around the elongated metal neck of the device. A vertical wind turbine sits atop the Water Seer. The spin of the internal fans sucks air into the subterranean chamber. The earth surrounding the underground chamber cools it to facilitate the water condensation in the chamber.


Image Source: Water Seer


The underground chamber acts as an artificial well for water accumulation through condensation. One Water Seer device can be used for collecting up to 11 gallons of water every day. Thus, an ‘orchard’ of Water Seers could be put in place to generate water for small villages.



Water Seer’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign seeks $77,000 to set up ‘orchards’ of water gathering devices. The prototype of the Water Seer was successfully tested in August 2016. The developers plan to field test their device with National Peace Corps Association.


  1. Klaus Reply

    in general I can follow up this idea, when this works and comes on the market we are the first will use this in Africa

    • Scott Larsen Reply

      The device will not work. That 11 gallons is an estimate made by a guy who doesn’t know what he is talking about. They have yet to get any water from an in ground condenser. If you want to lose some money, send them money.

  2. Remy Reply

    The thing is one big fail. The workings have been debunked by many people.It’s simple math.

  3. Flying Monkey Reply

    I made a thermal model of the conduction to the soil. The conduction is very low (in watts) and cannot dissipate the heat required to condense the water. The ground would heat very quickly and the process will stop. I have modified the thermal model since I was told by Vici-labs that they will drop the bulb at the bottom, since it does not facilitate removing the unit and moving it to a new location when the ground heats up. It also is update for the thermal resistance in the switch to PVC from a metal, since the units if made of metal would be stolen for their scrap metal in third world countries.

    The model is very easy to play with and change the parameters (in blue test) to see what sensitivity they make to the conduction to the soil. Vici-labs has been sent a copy too.

  4. DelftChemTech Reply

    Since when does a magazine carrying “engineering” promote bullshit stories?
    With some basic thermodynamic and heat transfer calculations, you can show this thing does not work as advertised.
    VICI labs has a whole lot of explaining to do, and rather than addressing valid criticism that has been made on their facebook page, they choose to delete it and refer to it as hatespeech. They address the tone rather than the content.
    By endorsing this product, you show that you are not an engineering magazine, but you are snake-oil salesmen at best. Please remove this endorsement and live up to your name, or blemish your name by keeping this up.

      • Flying Monkey Reply

        I think he is saying the Waterseer is BS, and why would this site, which it claims to be “Wonderful Engineer” seems to promote the “Wonderful Illusion” that this thing will deliver the goods. A trained engineer would see through this “perpetual motion machine” supposed amazing discovery. This would better fit on the website “Wonderful Marketing” since they have done a tremendous job generating excitement for a product that cannot possibly work and furthermore collected $235,000 in crowd funding.

        Since it interests me I have made a model heat transfer to ground. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue. It is so simple, even after 35 years I can make a model for this.

        I had an hour long discussion with Vici-labs about it this morning. Needless to say, they did not have a tool until I send them my model. They really like it! I think they are starting to realize a passively cooled model in the ground will not deliver the goods. I really want to see how Vici-labs back peddles out of this after taking $230,000 for an idea a simple math thermal model says won’t deliver 37 Liters a day.

        If anybody wants a copy of the mode ad play with it, they can download it from Dropbox.com


      • DelftChemTech Reply

        The waterseer.
        There is no way the current design is going to get rid of the heat of condensation of the water, if they would reach 37 l/day. However, I strongly doubt they will reach such figures. The temperature difference/air humidity is insufficient in many locations (specifically locations they seem to target in their movie) to condense significant amounts of water. The air throughput must be enormous to reach the numbers they claim. And so on.
        The engineering calculations are not too difficult, and they have been properly done by Dr. Phil Mason for example (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVsqIjAeeXw&t=130s).

        So far, no reply from VICI labs – no acknowledgement of their lack of supportive calculations, or a rebuttal to the provided commentary. And they cannot claim ignorance – they’ve taken ample time to remove any critisism from their facebook page under the cover of ‘hatespeech’. This thing is utterly infeasible, and you may just as well throw your money into a river instead of this indiegogo campaign. Maybe some poor person will take it out, and you actually helped somebody then.

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