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Water Proof Your Touch Pad Devices Using This Fascinating New Piece Of Technology

Courtesy: Ghostekproducts

Water Proof smart devices are THE THING these days. Every smart device giant like Apple, Samsung, or Sony, is boasting about bringing the state of the art water proof technology into the market. However, the recent customer reviews suggest that the Samsung’s water proof devices cannot bear an extended dunk. This kind of setbacks certainly shake up the customers.

Who to trust, the company or the reviews? Can you risk your expensive device to be wrecked just because you wanted to believe the company and their advertisements? Well, there might be a third option!

A metro Detroit small business owner claims that he has cracked the code to create the ultimate technology that can make any device with a touch pad better equipped for a dunk in the water. Rob Carter is the owner of the iPhone repair shop “The Pod Drop,” located in Novi and Rochester. Both of his stores now has a fascinating new piece of technology that can make your tablets, phones, and other smart devices less prone to being busted on interaction with water. He is the only one claiming to have this technology. Certainly, he has the high potential to make a mark with this futuristic product.

This new technology won’t waterproof your iPhone or Samsung device completely. It will rather protect it from everyday accidents like dropping your phone in the sink, lake, pool, or toilet.

Enjoy his demonstration in the video below. But hey, better safe than sorry! Do not try to be cheeky with this technology while wrecking your phone in the process. Cheers!

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