Water Droplet Shaped Building To Be Built By Zaha Hadid Architects In UAE


Zaha Hadid’s designs are well known all around the world and even after her death, they continue to impress. A new mixed-use building has been given permission to start construction in the city of Sharjah in the UAE. The responsibility of the construction of the building is given to Zaha Hadid Architects and the building will be designed to mimic a water droplet falling to the ground.

The Aljada Central Hub will feature a central observation tower and that tower will be surrounded by buildings and canopies shaped in such a way that they will create a pleasant environment in the harsh Arabian desert. A design competition was held by the local property developer Arada for the Aljada Central Hub.

The Hub will cover 1.9 million square feet in Sharjah, the third most populous city in the UAE. It was declared the Cultural Capital of the Arab World back in 1998 by UNESCO.

(Source: Archinect)

“Zaha Hadid Architects is globally renowned for forward-thinking and transformational urban design,” says HE Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Arada. “While all of the companies in this design competition offered outstanding designs, Zaha Hadid Architects’ integrated design approach matched our vision for Aljada’s Central Hub as an interconnected destination. This approach is synonymous with Arada’s mission to develop rewarding and engaging communities, building the Sharjah of tomorrow.”

The unique design inspired by a water droplet has a number of elliptically shaped buildings stretching outwards from the central tower. What makes it more significant is that the buildings are designed in such a way that they allow the flow of winds into the surrounding public places and courtyards to keep them cool in the summer and to counter the harsh climate.

(Source: New Atlas)

The building will cost $6.5 billion and will be constructed in phases with the first phase beginning next year. The initial phase has the aim to create a family destination with an adventure activity area, food markets and outdoor event spaces. The entire complex is scheduled to be completed in 2025.


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