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Watching This Robotic Snake Climb Up A Ladder Is Pretty Scary

Of all the robots designed to give people chills with their abilities, this snake moving up a ladder might be the scariest one. Researchers at Kyoto University Japan and the University of Electro-Communications shared the video which shows the robotic snake in action. The robot was presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in Spain last week. Unlike other humanoid counterparts, which are cute and cuddly and sometimes demonic looking as well, the black robot snake is controlled remotely by a PC and a Playstation controller.

The robot wraps around the ladder when it climbs up. Researchers said that the robot moves by forming a series of basic shapes and is similar to joints in a skeletal system or pectinate muscles which are present in the heart and allow the robot to shapeshift. It doesn’t move like MIT’s Cheetah Bot, but it can prove to be useful in disaster relief efforts. It can move swiftly where the terrain is rugged, and the first responders cannot access the victims with jetpacks. The snake can also alert the authorities of your location even if you are trapped under a pile of rocks. Despite all the advantages that it will bring, the snake still doesn’t bring comfort while watching it climbing the ladder.