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IBM’s ROSS Becomes The World’s First Artificially Intelligent Robot Attorney

From housemaids and farmers to the surgeons, robots have threatened the livelihood of many professionals. The robotic systems have made their foray into the skilled labor environments and are already doing better than their human counterparts.

It appears that lawyers will soon have to go out on a job hunt as the IBM’s AI- powered robot, christened Ross, has been hired by a prestigious law firm. The law firm Baker & Hostetler specializes in the bankruptcy cases, and Ross is quite skilled at handling these lawsuits.

Ross comes with a complete understanding of the natural language as well as the legal jargon which implies that the robotic lawyer is readily able to comprehend the questions being posed and answer them. Based on the online learning algorithms, Ross learns from each new interaction, improving and refining as it learns more.

Image Source: Big Think

The most amazing feature of Ross is that it can convert the complex legal terminology to layman terms so that it is easier for the users to understand and follow. Ross keeps itself appraised of the cases that may have an effect on the on-going case. Usually, such tasks like legal research are relegated to the junior lawyers.

A typical lawyer in the bankruptcy practice can earn more than $100,000. Therefore, Ross hints at a future where the highly-qualified professionals will not be able to maintain their monopoly.

Check out this video explaining how Ross works: