Watching This Hydraulic Press Destroy Things With Insane Force Is Totally Mesmerising

Hydraulic press destroy things

iPhones being blown into smithereens with the help of a pump action, tablets being burnt int perfectly working condition and crushing things under a bulldozer, you guys have probably seen it all. But, that is all what the chaotic crazy people want. The more industrious side of engineers want to use our own signature brands of weaponry for this cause and what else to do it with than a good old hydraulic press? This Youtuber noticed a potential gap in the market and uses a standard hydraulic press to crush all kinds of stuff on his popular channel. Most of his videos have more than a million views. Let’s walk you through some of them here at least.

Crushing your least-favorite books after the exams.

Destroying explosive stuff including a Co2 cartridge and a lot of cap gun ammo.

Crushing Deep-frozen stuff like plastic balls, string balls, etc.

Crushing Hydraulic Press with another press!

Crushing a bowling ball with a hydraulic press.

Be sure to check out his Youtube Channel for the crazy stuff from your wildest dreams!


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