Watching The Assembly Process Of A V6 Engine Is Oddly Satisfying

V6 Engine Assembly

V6 engines are a marvel of engineering and anyone who likes cars is in love with this amazing work of engineering. However, how many of you know how a V6 engine is assembled? Yes, we thought so. That’s exactly why we brought this amazing video for you where you can see exactly how much of precision and commitment it takes to assemble a V6 engine.
You can see how technicians ensure that everything is in order and tagged accordingly. From the lowering of engine block on the pedestal to the final screw tightening via machine, the process is mesmerizing and quite amazing to look at.

Check out the assembly of a V6 engine below and let us know what you think of it.

Pretty amazing, right? What was your favorite part? We loved the plasma treatment part for the front engine cover.

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