Watching A Steamroller Destroy 17 LCD Screens Is Oddly Satisfying

steam roller crushes lcds

We all have those days when your daily office routine starts to get on your nerves. You no longer can concentrate on the work at hand, and feel totally zoned out and spent at all times. Some people take it as a cue to take a small break, and grab a sandwich from the cafetria. Others feel they need a longer break, and decide to use their monthly/yearly quota of vacations. Well, not this guy! He apparently got so frustrated and bored at his work that he decided to line up every computer screen in his office and ran over them with a 12-tonne steamroller!

The below embedded Road Roller’s video gets straight to the action. Instead of putting the LCD screens where they belong, i.e. making spreadsheets or sending emails, they are beautifully lined up on a concrete block and then put in a humiliating fight against the steamroller.

To pile up further misery, the ghoul of a driver then backs up over the LCD screens in order to completely decimate them. A GoPro camera attached to the steamrollers bumper shows the moment of impact. Talk about slimmer and flatter LCD screens!

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