Watch What Happens When You Try To Steal A Rolls Royce’s Hood Ornament

Stealing A Rolls Royce Hood Ornament

Rolls Royce is always quite a sight whenever you see it parked or rolling in all its grace and glory. And because it is so fancy and attractive, its security and protection seems that much more important. Of course other than the major security features keeping the car from being stolen away, have you ever wondered how the company and eventually the owners of this masterclass keep the trademark hood ornament called “the Spirit of Ecstasy” safe?

Pic credits: cartype Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary Collection
Pic credits: cartype
Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary Collection

Surely at one point somewhere around the world, some stupid teenager or junkie has tried to saw off the magnificent hood ornament. So how do they protect it?

Below in the video, you can see a feature that was most probably unknown to many. The Spirit of Ecstasy is usually protected by a brilliantly over-engineered mechanism that enables it to retract and disappear at the slightest of touches, let alone any tampering.

According to the company, this has been a standard feature included on all of Rolls Royce’s vehicles coming after 2004. And for the average street thug, this makes the steal incredibly difficult and complicated, meaning the security feature is doing its job right!

Watch the magnificent hood ornament disappear within a jiffy, and marvel at the genius engineering behind it.

Do you think this security feature is enough to fend off criminals from stealing the hood ornament?

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  1. Andrey Fateev Reply

    Thx Rolls Royce, right now I know how to steal and what to avoid lol)

  2. Jim Smith Reply

    It would be even better if it snapped handcuffs on the perp at the same time and set off a very loud alarm.

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