Watch What Happens When You Slice A Car Battery Into Half With A Waterjet


We have seen how the common battery looks from the inside in all sorts of animations and graphs. But have you ever seen a battery cut in half in real life?

The team at Waterjet Channel was seemingly very curious about this. Thus, they decided to use a 60,000 psi waterjet cutter to cut a car battery into two. 

As it turned out, after all the acid was washed away, there were columns after columns of lead electrodes, giving the look of some files and folders stacked up in a cabinet. 

Talking about how the water jet phenomenon works Mitchell, a member of the team, said

“The most simple way of explaining how the waterjet works is extreme erosion. Water is pressurized to 60,000 psi and then mixed with an abrasive. We use garnet, which is like a very fine sand. This is then pumped to a nozzle. The exit point of the nozzle is about the diameter of a sewing needle. The nozzle moves over a programmed path and at a programmed speed to cut the material under it. ‘The material being cut will determine the pressure used, whether we use the abrasive, and the speed at which we travel.”

A suggestion for the next video cut a hydraulic press in half! Everyone would like to watch the colossal battle between the two instruments that have been wrecking havoc on the internet!

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