Watch What Happens When You Place A Fan In A Vacuum Chamber

The Action Lab - A Fan Is Placed In A Vacuum Chamber

Welcome to yet another video by the incredible YouTube channel, The Action Lab. The Action Lab comes up with videos that provide answers to the questions that most of us have been asking ourselves for far too long. This particular video also caters to one such question; what will happen if you were to place a fan into a vacuum chamber?

The Action Lab answers this question by carrying out a demonstration for all of us. As per the YouTube channel, the results are actually weird. This weirdness is what we live for though, right? A vacuum chamber gets air and other gases removed thanks to a vacuum pump. This is something that most of us already know. But what will a fan do if it was to be placed inside this enclosure? Will it be able to move stuff around? Will it hamper with the working of the vacuum chamber?

The Action Lab didn’t approach this experiment lightly. The YouTube channel wanted to test varying pressures and added Styrofoam beads to closely observe the movement. You can see for yourself how these Styrofoam beads behaved when a fan was blowing on them in the video that has been added below. It sure looks really cool. This is something that you might have never realized that you needed to know but here it is nonetheless – something fun and weirdly cool.

The demonstration reminds us of the animation of molecules that we were shown in high school. How many of you remember the animation of molecules in motion? This particular demonstration by the Action Lab is quite similar to that, right? Do let us know what you think of this cool demonstration and what you think of The Action Lab YouTube channel. However, before all of that, check out the video below that shows what happens when you place a fan inside a vacuum chamber.

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