Watch What Happens When You Drop This 300 Kg Heavy Fist Onto Different Things

Youtube channel How Ridiculous came up with another crazy experiment and this one is a little more ridiculous. They created a giant 660-pound (300-kilogram) steel punch to see how it can smash things. They call it the Hulk fist!

They tied an enormous hulk fist up to the top of an extremely tall tower and then dropped it on a bunch of things. They first started with their long time companion, a plastic T-rex doll. The fist landed pretty deep in the mud. However, it did not ruin the T-rex anymore than it already was in other experiments.

Next up, they test their fine-looking fist made of steel on several other objects, chairs were just crumbled one inside the other and were buried deep in the mud. The list included a fire extinguisher and watching it was so satisfying as the liquid came pouring out all around.

The boys didn’t stop there. There was a lot more smashing to be done. But we won’t share that here. You must watch the video to see what happened next.

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