Watch What Happens When You Dive Into A Pool Filled With 25 Million Squishy Waterballs

squishy ball experiment

Orbeez or water balls are best known for entertaining the children; but Mark Rober, who is one of the Backyard Scientists, had an idea to use them in another way. He decided to take a mere 25 million of them and fill an entire swimming pool with these tiny Orbeez!

Of course filling the pool was not enough for Rober, so he also went ahead to jump in while he was at it! Due to the fact that Orbeez spheres are denser than water, Rober sank a lot farther than he would have in an ordinary water pool.  His reaction shows that the fun was worth the risk and the effort, but he probably won’t be this happy once he has to remove all the water balls back!

Watch the crazy experiment in the video below:

Would you like to take a dive in this incredibly colorful pool of Orbeez?

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