Watch What Happens When This Guy Attaches A 1000W LED Bulb To A Drone


What would happen if you attach a 1000W Led Bulb to a $17k drone? Besides getting the most creative, absorbing and amazing compilation of cinematography and art, it is also bound to increase A LOT of UFO sighting reports as it hovers over houses and fields in the night sky.


Although this attachment was done to capture some never seen shots before, in the process, the creator has developed an amazing platform which can be used by emergency service, rescue service, police, fire department, medics, security teams and even the army for low light operations.

This astonishingly effective lighting fix has the potential to possibly save lives if this is turned into a more refined product in the future.

And it’s applications are not just limited to emergency services, but basically to anyone who works outdoors at night. From people cleaning oil spills to workers doing roadwork, this can be used for limitless applications. Even lighting up a beach party or, shining coloured lights on the open air dance floor, the concept is indeed very potent. 

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