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Watch What Happens When A Tesla Tries To Drive Through A Flood

Recent changes in temperature have brought multiple transformations in the weather. The sea levels are rising and reaching alarming levels. These days are the days of rain and excessive downpour. The climatic changes have increased the intensity of rain, making it more of a problem than just a blessing. This change is not restricted to just one region or a specific area. All over the globe, the same issues are occurring. The excessive rainfall is leading to flooding of cities and countries, and it is heading towards residential areas as well, hindering everyday life. This has also blocked transportation.

However, a model of Tesla has proved to appear strong in these might floods caused by rain. China is one of the countries being affected most by these rainfalls, especially in the area of Henan province. The streets and roads seem to be streams of river water and one can see cars stuck in between. In all this plight, a video has gone popular where Tesla is wading through these waters.

Elon Musk had once bragged that few Tesla models can be used as a boat in waters for a small period but didn’t recommend testing this feature. The car’s thrust through rotation of the wheel made it possible for the riders to not get stuck in the water.

China has a history of typhoons and flooding seasons. This is why the Tesla models, Model 3 and Model Y were tested to withstand floodwaters earlier as well. The electrical vehicle is water-resistant as well. However, it is not a wise idea to drive a Tesla while the streets are flooded. If the water enters a crucial part of the vehicle, it will be gone for good. It is not even recommended for regular gas cars and Tesla is definitely more expensive and harder to be fixed than them. Tesla also does not promise any insurance for such actions.

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