Watch A Crazy Tesla Owner Drive A Model 3 Into The Ocean

Tesla always remains in the news by one way or the other. Be it its founder Elon Musk- himself an influencer on and off the web – or its product, the brand Tesla is what everyone of us keeps reading in the news and web.

Some individuals are concerned about what happens if an electric vehicle is submerged in water after a storm or during a flood because of the introduction of electric transportation. In this case, there is a common misperception that battery-powered cars are more vulnerable to harm than gasoline-powered cars. This week, one daring Tesla owner took a red Model 3 off-road, releasing a video of the car cruising around a beach. The water is small at first, but midway through the 30-second footage, the driver slogs through hood-deep water with ease.

It’s unclear if the driver is the owner of the YouTube channel where the video was posted. In what appears to be some type of friendly rendezvous, the Tesla is flanked by applauding onlookers, a handful of other automobiles, and a small crowd.

The “Wu Wa” YouTube channel is focused to Shanghai-related material, and the channel owner claims to be from Japan.

The majority of the films involve drone pictures of the Shanghai factory, so it’s unclear whether the poster is a Tesla employee or just a die-hard fan.

Although the Model 3 appears to be water-resistant, the video is short and does not show the all-terrain expedition’s aftermath.

While the underwater excursion appears to be entertaining, we’re not sure we’d recommend driving your Tesla through the water anytime soon. If the channel is run by a Tesla employee, the vid’s nice title “Tesla’s excellent performance” could indicate that they were only showing off for the benefit of their company.

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