Watch What Happens When A Confused Driverless Car Gets Pulled Over By The Police

For several years, autonomous vehicles have been a popular topic. The concept of sitting back and letting a car drive has long been science fiction. However, as technology progresses and the future of driverless automobiles approaches, some hitches must be ironed out.

The capacity of self-driving cars to respond to emergencies is one of the most significant issues they face. Sure, they can take a predetermined route, avoid obstructions, and obey traffic laws, but what happens when a cop needs to pull them over?

A TikTok video recently went viral, showing Waymo’s driverless car failing to comply with police directives to participate in a parade in Phoenix. Cruise’s self-driving car was pulled over in San Francisco for driving without lights, which was not the first time a self-driving car misbehaved.


POV: youre in a self driving car and the police get involded

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It’s no surprise that self-driving cars are having difficulty with this predicament. After all, they make decisions based on pre-programmed rules and algorithms. While recognizing a police car or other emergency vehicle is one thing, responding appropriately is another.

Waymo eventually towed the car, but it originally refused to obey cops’ demands. According to a business spokeswoman, they are continually working to improve the vehicle’s ability to adapt to other road users’ behaviors.

The incident raises concerns about the future of self-driving cars and how they interact with their surroundings. There will be growing pains, as with any nascent technology, as well as the need to constantly refine and improve the technology.

However, as we move closer to a future with completely autonomous vehicles, we can’t help but notice that new obstacles may emerge. Can they negotiate difficult road conditions like as construction zones or inclement weather? Can they deal with unforeseen obstructions such as fallen trees or pedestrians crossing the street?

Only time will tell, but self-driving cars still have a long way to go before they can offer a future in which mobility is seamless and accessible to all.

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