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Watch What Happens To Sound When You Pour A Liquid Metal On A Speaker


We all enjoy the booming sound of a speaking tearing through our ear drums. The phrase of “dropping the base hard” has become the measuring standard of judging the quality of contemporary music, and the intermingling of the echoing vibrations with our ear drums never fails to inject that extra shot of adrenaline in our body.

But have you ever wondered what would these vibrations look like if they were somehow visible? How would they interact with the surroundings and our ears? A YouTuber got curious, so he did the following experiment.


He took Gallium, which is one of the rare metals that turns to a liquid above room temperature, and did a fun experiment of pouring it onto a vibrating speaker. The results were astonishing and simply beautiful, as ripple after ripple of endless waves expanded and collapsed around a self-created centre, forming a breathtaking shown.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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