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Flag Of Bosnia And Herzegovina – The Symbol Of Integrity

The Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national flag consists of a wide blue straight band with a yellow triangle at top side of the flag on the fly side. The other part is blue with two half stars top and bottom side and seven five pointed white stars beside the hypotenuse of the triangular.

The three-pointed triangle represent the three different national people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also interesting to be seen to signify the map, also seem to be a triangle. The stars, comprising European countries, are intended to be unlimited in number from top of the flag to bottom side of the flag. The flag features colors often associated with neutrality and serenity – white, blue, and yellow. These colors yellow and blue are taken from the flag of Europe; along with blue was initially based on the flag of the UN Countries. The present plan is being used by both the Authorities of European countries, which operates the flag, and the European Union, which implemented the Authorities of Europe’s flag in 1985. They are also colors typically associated with Bosnia.

The Bosnian flag includes a blue bottom side with seven, white five-pointed stars traversing the flag diagonally and top to bottom and climbing down from left to right. Above and below the stars are two half stars. To the right of the stars can be found a yellow isosceles triangular. This is no doubt a unique design show the Bosnia and Herzegovina status in European Union.

Every color has its own significance and specification for their nation’s moto. These three points symbolize the three Bosnian’s nations, Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats can depict their culture and traditions of in shape of triangle in the flag. The blue represents truth, commitment, integrity and rights, while yellow indicates liberality. The white stars signify European countries.

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