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UAE Government Plans To Create An Artificial Mountain To Encourage Rainfall

The officials in the United Arab Emirates have decided to take the matters into their hands. The government is toying with the idea of installing an artificial mountain so as to enhance the probability of precipitation.


The flat terrain of the deserts makes it impossible for the air to climb to a significant height so as to form clouds. The underlying idea is that the artificial mountain will push the air upwards, giving it enough altitude to from rain clouds. When seeded, the clouds could then cause rainfall. Theoretically, the idea could transform a barren desert into a lush green pasture.

It is not the first ambitious environmental transformation that the UAE officials have embarked upon. The Gulf state is well-known for its artificial islands and other artificial ecological features. The key factors determining the future of the project will be the cost and the technological feasibility.


Even if the UAE government undertakes this project, the endeavour would result in the biggest ever permanent ecological transformation, triggered artificially.

Man, truly can move mountains if he wants, can’t he?

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