Watch What Happens If You Taser An iPhone 6 Plus?

taser iPhone 6

YouTuber TechRax decided to electrocute an iPhone 6 Plus. So here is what happens when you apply 38,000,000 Volts using Heavy Duty Stun Gun. As expected, the poor iPhone dies. The other thing to notice are the tiny marks that electricity leaves on the body of the iPhone. 

The Taser used in the video is VIPERTEK VTS-989

You can get this deadly Taser for your personal defence here


  1. PALABOCA Reply

    Why not turning it ON for real??

    I can’t help notice that this guy doesnt even try to turn it back on, since he just fast-push buttons randomly. Doesn’t it take like 2 seconds push the Home buttom to actually turn it on? …….

  2. Raian Alix Reply

    The guy is an idiot. What do you expect when you inject 38,000,000 volts in to that phone? Why not try injecting it into his balls and see what happens.

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