Watch What Happened When A YouTuber Tried To Tow 7500 Pounds With A Lamborghini Huracan


Would you ever give a huge blowout to your six-figure Lamborghini by towing a whopping 7,500 pounds? You got it right, definitely not. But this Youtuber named Alex Choi has actually performed this inappreciable stunt. Although the structural considerations of this Huracan look fairly good and it can be thought that it can pull this much weight, the reality seems different. It can be seen in the video that he performed the stunt by towing several vehicles with the Lamborghini, including an Audi RS6, a Lamborghini Urus, and a Toyota pickup, by the means of a low-pickup car trailer.

According to Choi, he chained the Huracan from the rear side of the trailer. The rear lights of the Lamborghini, along with the trailer’s breaks, are fastened with the seven-pin trailer plugs. By seeing the video, it can be observed that Lamborghini cannot penetrate the weight of any car on the trailer with as much ease as Choi is demonstrating. Its rear section and the core part are attached through the eight connecting points, which makes it vulnerable to carrying a weight of as much as 7500 pounds.

However, this car trailer weighs around 2210 pounds and can withstand a load of 5290 pounds. At first, he tried to put the Lamborghini Urus on the trailer, which has a bearable weight, but it was too wide to fit on the trailer. Hence, Choi made it up with his Audi RS6 by towing it with the Huracan and wandered all around the town filming the scene. In the meantime, the Huracan’s twin-turbo engine was seen in the immediate flames as the engine was not able to stand up to the continuous weight.

He said in the video, “The engine is screaming. This poor little engine”. But frankly, he didn’t lend an ear to that stream of warnings and went on with his stunt. The heavyweight is the reason for the engine flameout. The RS6 weighs around 5000 pounds, which combined with the weight of the trailer, makes the whole figure around 7500 pounds, and obviously, that’s not defendable.

Last but not the least, he went on by towing the Toyota pickup on the roadway. But for this vehicle, Choi exchanged the trailer for the wider one, which resembles that of a Futura Super Sport. With this one, he could actually tow the Urus as well, which he left out before because of its spacious body. With this new spacious trailer, the stunt looks less hazardous as it weighs around 1313 pounds and has an 81-inch expansive deck.

Above all, the stunt is not being encouraged as it proves a threat to the safety of the vehicle as well as the driver. The worst can happen during the engine flameout, so it is better not to pull off such acts and keep ourselves and our surroundings free of any potential threat.


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