WATCH: What Does It Take To Explode Through A Concrete Wall?

Ranging from a breaching charge to hand grenades, there are several methods to breakthrough.

If you were ever interested in knowing what it asks for to get through a concrete wall with explosives, then this video by the Youtube channel ‘Beyond the press’ is set to amaze you.

The team of three said about having plenty of options for a concrete wall’s destruction. Starting, they try hand grenades which are like the M67 grenade. The difference is that the hand grenade has a plastic shell to reduce shrapnel, and they told it isn’t the best way. Still, it doesn’t stop them from doing it.

What are your expectations? Would a hand grenade be enough? Or would it ask for a breaching charge such as in videos like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to destroy the concrete wall?

Although, a hint for you is that the wall really was pretty strong enough. Given the kind of forces and explosion it went through, and still stood firm. Enjoy the following video watching as to which explosive gave it the maximum damage.

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