WATCH: US Navy Experiment Causes An Earthquake Near Florida

If you were in Florida recently and felt a minute jolt or a shake from the earth, then let us tell you that it was not because of a natural earthquake. In fact, it was caused by an experiment testing of explosives on a battleship to determine if it will be able to survive in the circumstances of war. The experiment was recorded on the camera from a helicopter, and it looked mesmerizing.

The magnitude of the earthquake caused was of 3.9 in the Atlantic Ocean. The explosives were of twenty metric tons and the battleship is called the USS Gerald R Ford. The effect of the explosion was spread to almost the area equal to that of three football fields.

All these kinds of explosions are carried out by the US navy which makes sure that all the battleships are well-equipped to handle real, grave situations of war and they can withstand the harsh, deadly attacks. These warships are made by elaborate modeling on computers, they are tested multiple times and the results are recorded, evaluated, and analyzed. These records help in discerning the effectiveness of the vehicles and depict room for more improvements if any.

The environmentalists may be concerned about the effect this testing has on the marine life along with other life near the area of the explosion. To much of their relief, all these experiments are done mindfully, legally, and responsibly. The migrating patterns of the marine life are noted so these explosions do not cause any harm to them. Moreover, the overall consequences of this practice are minimized and it is ensured that the atmosphere is not polluted and other living beings are not affected by it. The ship is reported to return to the dry land soon. It will then be scrutinized for the needful repairs and maintenance.

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