Watch Ukrainian Police Shooting Down A Kamikaze Drone During Attack On Kyiv

The Ukrainian National Police has released a video of its officers ambushing a Shahed-136 drone as it hovers above Kyiv on October 17. According to Oleksii Boloshytskyi, deputy head of the local police department, the drone was effectively neutralised.

Since the Iranian-made Shahed-136 is a drone that is difficult to detect with radar but easy to hear as it approaches the target, the Ukrainian forces frequently utilize small arms fire to destroy them. In addition, air defence systems are also employed.

According to two patrol police officers featured in the video, it took approximately 90-100 bullets from an AK-74 rifle to shoot down the Shahed as it passed by and began to fall 70 meters distant.

“We were lucky, so to say because if it fell on the road and exploded, we would end up wounded,” said the policeman.

During the invasion of Ukraine on October 17, 42 drones were fired by the invading Russian forces, 36 of which were successfully destroyed. 28 people were involved in the Kyiv tragedy, and 23 died. The last five landed on residences and power plants.

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